ACM has clients in various industries and of different sizes which allow us to be engaged at all levels, be it being a complete outsourced IT department or managing our entire client's IT needs. Dealing with clients from different tiers helps ACM grow in terms experience and expertise and we return this skillset in a form of service to our clients. With our flexible skillsets we are able to deliver IT solutions quickly and fulfill the most complex project and systems.


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What our client says

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Appreciate your assistance. Thank you and have a good day.
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Jasmine Chan
Senior Executive | Social Service Industry
June 2020


Thank you for the follow-up. Noted all details, very clear. You may close this ticket.
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Joan Phua
IT Support | Audit & Management Industry
June 2020


Thank you for your prompt response. The issue has been solved. Appreciated for your perfect professional service.
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JingJing You
Account Executive | Automation Industry
June 2020


Finally, supplier able use her email send to me now. Thanks for the support.
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Grace Tan
Buyer | Manufacturing Industry
June 2020


Thank you for checking that! Our internal team has managed to resolve the issue with vendor as you've mentioned. Thank you again for the help!!
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Iris Ng
Design Industry
June 2020

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