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ACM approach all new engagements with a six stage process: assessment, strategy, plan, implement, manage, and review. ACM ensures that as your valued IT partner, we make no assumptions about your business or your needs, no matter your size or scope. ACM works in hand in hand with you to reach an agreed common goal, this helps us establish an understanding on what we both want to achieve, and we treat all of our clients with the same systematic approach. ACM's relationship together with the client is viewed very much as a journey and our approach ensure that we start out with clear goals and make certain the successful management of any developments and ongoing changes.


All our services are provided by our experienced yet friendly and approachable staff, and we take pride in our core quality, which is service therefore extensive effort is taken to ensure that our IT support and management services are delivered to our clients via well-defined methods and first class tools. Our support and service tools allow us to continually manage and monitor client systems networks, this in return allows us to quickly identify and rapidly rectify issues, keeping things running smoothly in top condition while maintaining service excellence.

Application Development

Customized software applications are powerful tools in the battle to make your business more efficient and effective.

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Cable Management

Effective management of power and data cabling of a rack can help achieve important overall goals of the IT infrastructure

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Enterprise Hosting Programs

Mailing Enterprise is for our partners who host web applications or require huge amount of emailing space and 24/7 support.

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Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is an affordable, premium email service that provides you with the ability to communicate better and work smarter.

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IT Relocation Services

Be assured of a smooth migration with qualified data cable contractors and IT consultants present during the actual relocation.

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We offers complete IT outsourcing services to our customers in specific domains like IT helpdesk, Mid-range server management...

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Security Solution

You need to take a proactive stance and implement the right technologies to protect and enhance your network and grow your business

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Consultancy & Projects

Understand how your business growth or change will impact your IT infrastructure, so that IT plans and investments accordingly.

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