Every business needs to maintain their IT systems!

Without regular maintenance your IT systems are not running efficiently and even the most advanced IT systems will eventually fail. Enterprise Managed IT Solutions will monitor the health of your IT systems and ensure security and stability.... We work proactively to anticipate and solve problems before they cause systems failure. Our low monthly rate will surprise you and our monthly Managed IT service will allow you to focus on growing your business. Read more

IT Solutions

ACM is one of the Singapore growing IT support companies. From pay as you go support and procurement right through to major business changes such as set-up of new offices, ACM have the skills, commitment and resources to help, support and enhance your business. Read more

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an alternative to traditional IT outsourcing or management, whereby the IT network is held remotely. This model presents an alternative set of benefits and considerations to your company’s IT requirements. Whether you wants to run select software or applications from the cloud, ACM provides full cloud computing support, including design, implementation, and maintenance plans to help sustain your business objectives. Read more


Our Virtual Desktop allow us deliver everything from Office 365 to accountancy, finance, HR apps and more, in one easy to use solution. VDI replaces traditional IT support by eradicating 99% of IT problems. All for a simple, flat fee, per user, per month
• Removes the need for IT Support
• Get everything you need straight out the box
• Lets you work from anywhere, on any device
• IT hassle-free Read more

It Maintenance Services

Immediate Responses

Whenever a problem arises, our team of engineers will be able to offer immediate assistance via Remote Desktop Support. Most of the issues can be solved remotely with a turnaround time of less than 30 minutes.

For more complicated issues, our engineers in Singapore will be deployed on-site to resolve the issue and offer computer repair services. After solving the complications, our engineers will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the same problem does not occur again.

IT Asset Management

We help you to enhance the performance of and achieve optimal life-cycle management of information technology assets.

Proper documentation and tracking of hardware/software IT assets assist managers in strategic IT decision making, as well as to manage their IT portfolio effectively in the areas of cost and governance.

IT Advisory Services

To help you further understand your IT challenges and business needs, our certified and experienced engineers are available for consultation regarding any IT related issues.

Preventive Maintenance

As ACM gets familiar with your network and computer systems, our strategy revolves around constant monitoring and improvement of clients' IT environment in order to minimize compromises to security and maintain system availability.

Single Point-of-Contact

Manage your entire IT project life-cycle and offer a single point-of-contact so you do not have to coordinate with multiple technology partners such as internet service provider, telephone system vendor, mobile communications provider, servers/workstations warranty provider etc.

Certified IT Engineers

Our IT engineers are selected through the most stringent assessments and interview processes thus ensuring reliability and professionalism.

Customized Maintenance Plans

ACM serves organizations of different sizes and strengths; we have a range of IT Maintenance Plans for you to choose from to cater to your IT needs and budget.

ACM can fill in the role of an IT department needed in a company or play complimentary roles to an existing in-house IT engineer or department.

License and Warranty Management

Losing a software license or forgetting to renew your update warranty coverage on critical system hardware can be annoying.

Remove this variable of your software licenses and hardware warranties with ACM's License and Warranty Management.

" 24/7 Tech Support – Business isn’t just 9-5! "

Whether you opt for a Monthly Managed IT Maintenance plan with Enterprise Managed IT Solutions or you prefer our on demand service we provide access to a skilled team of experienced IT professionals. This includes Microsoft Certified IT professionals and Cisco experienced network technicians. If your IT systems are down and you need help now our team will get you back online quickly. Technicians are always available 24/7.

Our flexible Managed IT Service offerings relieve your day-to-day IT worries. We proactively manage your IT needs with a deep understanding of the systems and technologies that drive business today with a clear view of what’s coming tomorrow. As your ever-available IT department, ACM is an extension of your company – basically, your IT department on call. So… CALL US NOW (+65) 62-9559-62


Hi Support Team,
Thank you very much for your prompt response and confirmation. We greatly appreciate your support. Read More

Ms. Ng

Admin, Insurance
July 2021

Hi Jeff, Thank you very much for your assistance on my email set up and migration on multiple devices. Read More

Mr. Sun

, Engineering and Construction Industry
July 2021

Hi Jeff,
Appreciate all your help on the printer installation. Thank you! Read More

Ms. Soon

HR Executive, Charitable Organizations & Foundation
July 2021

Dear Support,
Good job. Thank you so much for getting the email issue done Read More

Ms. Ho

HR Executive, Construction Industry
July 2021

Hi IT Support,
Thanks for the software setup and it seems to be working fine. Greatly appreciated your help. Read More

Ms. Kuah

, Construction Industry
July 2021

Dear Weng Wah,
Thanks for your prompt response and professional help on the email issue Read More

Mr. Ng

Accounts Executive, Construction Industry
July 2021

Hi Kha Zhun,
Appreciate your prompt response and professional help on the antivirus installation Read More

Ms. Nurul

Office Manager, Public Relations Industry
July 2021

Dear ACM QuickSupport Team,
Thanks for your prompt response and help on my IT support request and login issue. Read More

Mr. Velu

, Construction Industry
July 2021

Thank you Jeff,
Appreciate your prompt response and help on the PC and VD issue. Read More

Mr. Panchal

, Human Resources and Staffing Industry
June 2021

Hi Kha Zhun,

Thank you for your prompt response. Laptop had completed update and now should running well. Thanks again for the... Read More

Ms. Ting

, Manufacturing Industry
June 2021

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